Website Security. Silver Bullet? We Don't Think So.

Keeping current on technology issues is challenging for many organizations. To help clients navigate the nuances of website security, we will periodically feature technology tips. The insights in today’s post were shared by Kevin Saffer of US Digital Partners. 

Is website security like a steaming hot potato that no one really wants to grab hold of? Organizationally, who should be responsible for the security of your firm’s website? Your firm? The website developer? The website host? A third-party website security firm?

The answer is not simple. And there is no answer that applies uniformly across all businesses or all websites. What’s the best you can do? What’s the best you should do?

Educate yourself. Learn the lingo, learn the jargon. Develop a standard set of interview questions to run by each vendor. Make sure each vendor answers the specific questions asked. Compare their answers. Are they comfortable in their responses? Do they provide targeted answers? Do they provide additional insights that are important but that you had not thought to ask? What initiatives do they have in place to keep pace with the perpetually evolving needs for Internet security?

Dedicate the time and resources up front to select an appropriate firm to manage website development. Consider not only development, but also ongoing updates to reflect evolving business needs, and website security. Which firms will be good stewards to protect the investment you have made in your website? Which firms will help your business grow and prosper by ensuring non-stop, perpetually available access to your business via your website? 

We know website security can be overwhelming. We invite you to learn more through our upcoming updates on website security.


Evergreen Content: An Ongoing Source for Inbound Marketing

Evergreen Content: An Ongoing Source for Inbound Marketing

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