OhioGhostWriter has many satisfied clients. Hear what some of them have to say.

Happy Clients


"I have had the good fortune  of working with  Marce Epstein, of  OhioGhostWriter.
What is most impressive about Marce is her intense commitment to her clients. Upon connecting with her, one is immediately impressed with her keen intellgence, along with her drive for excellence. With good humor but with clear expectations, she has challenged me to shape a superior website and marketing plan that incorporate my career goals and passions.

Her creativity, skill and  organizational skills  are impressive to observe. 
She is a vertiable treasure trove of marketing ideas.  She has helped me beyond

Anyone who engages Marce  for her digital marketing strategies is indeed fortunate. I recommend her without reservation."

Carolyn Daitch, Ph.D. L.P. FMPA, FASCH, CIRT
Director: Center for the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Author: The Road Calm Workbook


"Ross Group hired Marce as a consultant to help us with our marketing initiatives. In particular, we utilize Marce’s expertise in writing to improve our marketing material and content for our website along with PDF’s, Tri-Folds and other portfolio information.

Marce has the perfect background and skill set required by Ross Group and CommitDBA to help us modernize our positioning in the market and provide the expertise in writing so that our messages are compelling to prospects and those looking to outsource IT services and enterprise database managed services.

It would be difficult to be where we are with meeting our strategic marketing initiatives without Marce’s guidance."                                        —                     

Steve Woody                                                        President                                                            CommitDBA  

"Marce Epstein is an excellent editor and writer. She can handle a project from conception to a published form. She is a quick learner and can work on a variety of projects. For example, I hired her to rewrite a Banking text that needed updating. She did the appropriate research and wrote the necessary changes. The authors were very pleased with her work. I used her services on many other projects. Her work was always excellent and on time. I highly recommend Marce Epstein."                                                            —

Enid Nagel                                                                    Senior Developmental Editor (retired)         Cengage Learning   

"Marce was a very reliable and hard-working editor/writer who jumped into the project (editing a forensic science text and supplements) and went beyond the call doing correlations, keeping me up-to-date, and providing updated ancillaries. I very much relied on her efforts and she worked very well with the authors. I could not more highly recommend Marce for any editing or writing project; she is reliable, timely, and does quality work!"

Dave Lafferty                                                (Former) Executive Editor                          Cengage Learning 


“I really enjoyed your presentation and found that clearly you presented the most practical sense solutions about the proper and successful use of Social Media Marketing and Digital Strategies that I’ve heard in a long, long time.”                                   —                                                                                                                                                                                Bo Hindall                                                      President, Inquiry Systems, Inc.                        Bo attended Marce’s Industrial Inbound Marketing Presentation at The Ohio State University’s Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence Lunch and Learn. The event was part of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership at Ohio State.


"Marce helped me get my website up and running, and also helped with marketing tools and ideas for branding. She shared relevant and helpful ideas for getting my name out to the public, helped me focus on what message I wanted to convey, and held me to task on getting things done.

Now my website is up and running and attracting attention to my business. I would still be struggling to get the job done if it weren’t for Marce!"                                                    —                                                                                                                                                               Jacqueline Meyer Goldman                   Attorney at Law


"The Cincinnati Chocolate Festival is an annual event with a focus on fun. But beyond the festive focus, lies a very serious need to generate funding for an assortment of charities the Fesitval supports. Marce has been instrumental in helping the Festival develop a branding strategy. Her contributions range from marketing surveys through project management. With her guidance and practical skills, we look forward to the continued success of the Festival."                                                                          —

Lisa Cooper                                                Treasurer                                                        Cincinnati Chocolate Festival


"I am very thankful Marce is editing my memoir. It is not an easy job, because English is my second language and I am still struggling with a sentence structure, the articles and spelling some words. Marce gently corrects my mistakes and emphasis what is good in my writing and our ability to learn and be better. Marce is a great encourager and without her help I couldn’t go forward. She did extra work recommending me to call StoryCorps to schedule an interview and shared all of my excitement about my story. I thank Marce from bottom of my heart for helping me with a social media and making my work visible. I highly recommend her editing and her work for other writers."                                      —

 Aisa Softic                                                        Author Nana's Shoes