Websites: Planned Obsolescence or Evolving Business Needs?

There is an urban planning conundrum…congestion occurs. More roads are built. Traffic flow is enhanced. Drivers change their routes to take advantage of new capacity. As the word spreads, more drivers use the new roads. The new roads become congested. Urban planners build more roads…

Websites might be built for current business needs or they might be built for immediate future needs. But it is hard to build a site that will align perfectly with future growth. Because growth may occur in a nonlinear fashion. New business opportunities may arise in new markets. New clients from these new markets will need to be served. So developers may speak of Phase 1 and Phase 2. We serve the needs of the business. But the business needs change. We can strive to direct (impact) the direction of the growth, but we also need to be responsive to new opportunities.

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